Into Control is a trusted compliance services party.

Our services contain:

  • Process design and description
  • Development and implementation of processes for compliance monitoring
  • Provision of a firm supervisory reporting process
  • Implementation of laws and regulations

Huge demand for compliance statements

Grace to outsourcing agreements there is an increased demand for security in the area of laws and regulations. We developed a set of best practices that have been approved by auditors and supervisors. With the help or our quickscan we will be able to stipulate the possibilities for your organisation.

Why select Into Control

Profound knowledge
Our consultants have a broad experience in compliance projects and have up to date knowledge of laws and regulationss. Into Control developed its own Academy with well known lectors to support our clients.
Supervisor point of contact
Into Control has a broad experience with supervisors’ granting of licences and audits. A substantial part of our consultants once worked for a supervisor. The Into Control compliance frameworks are highly esteemed by supervisors and we completed licence authorisations succesfully and timely.
Proven high quality standards
We do have a sublime track record thanks to our recruitment, our way of working and our high level Quality Assurance.
Integrated approach
Into Control acts based on an integrated internal control approach. Compliance forms an inseparable part of this approach.
Part time compliance officer
Into Control staffs compliance, information security and privacy officers. This allows your organisations to have us fill these mandatory positions. Into Control facilitates customised knowledge and independence enabling you to comply with laws and regulations.

Legal demands

Both within and outside Financial Services the pressure to act accordingly to proven high quality standards increases. Laws and regulations become more demanding and the supervisors’ claims become more strict. Compliance is not only expected, but has to be proven, for example in relation to:
  • European Transparancy Act
  • Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOx)
  • MiFID
  • Basel II & III
  • Solvency II
  • GDPR
  • E-Privacy
  • Anti Money Laudering Acts

Is Risk Management helpful for you?

Find the answer in 2 days based on our Quickscan

Into Control is a trusted party for compliance services.


Privacy protection is a very important issue. Due to the operative European privacy guideline GDPR as per May 2018, one has to protect the privacy of one’s clients on a risk based basis.
Do you want to know how to optimalise the reliability of your mandatory Regulatory Reporting? Ask for a quickscan or a face to face appointment.

AFM Certification

AIFMD prescribes a firm amount of structural prudential and organisational demands for asset managers. For example Risk Management demands, securitisation positioning, organisational claims, liquidity and fund management.

Our services

Into Control supports asset managers in designing their orgnisation and requesting an AFM certification. Into Control developed a best practices database and process frameworks enabling a cost efficient implementation and certification process. Feel free to contact us.

Compliance Maturity

Many organisations have to deal with the cost of designing and monitoring compliance. Management seeks ways to reduce the cost and to improve the quality of core processes consequently. Maturity of a Governance, Risk en Compliance (GRC) Framework has to be scaled up so ‘key controls’ can be controled and proven.

Our services

In cooperation with your organisation Into Control defines an implementation plan based on the maturity of your compliance organisation and enables the implemantion of an integrated and optimalised compliance framework. Into Control uses her best practice database and integrates Risk and Compliance frameworks. Doing so, maximal efficiency is guaranteed and stakeholders are reported transparantly.


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    Practical experience

    What our clients say about Into Control

    Although there was some scepticism in the beginning, the ISAE framework is now broadly supported within the department and as a result we have proven to be ‘in control’.

    Richard de Groot

    Director, Assert Management ABN AMRO

    In a short period of time Into Control enabled us to reduce the number of controls in our risk control framework with 75% and raise our effectiveness consequently.

    Philippe Wits

    CEO, a.s.r. Leven

    Grace to the ISAE framework Into Control developed in cooperation with our team our KPI’s became more transparent and managing our organisation became way easier.

    Dirk Klok

    Director Business Development, Lindorff


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