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  • Map the internal control environment, context and relevant risk areas
  • Perform risk analyses in order to map the major risks within these areas
  • Define control goals and measurements

Practical experience

What our clients say about Into Control
Although there was some scepticism in the beginning, the ISAE framework is now broadly supported within the department and as a result we have proven to be ‘in control’.
Richard de Groot

Director, Asset Management ABN AMRO

In a short period of time Into Control enabled us to reduce the number of controls in our risk control framework with 75% and raise our effectiveness consequently.
Philippe Wits

CEO, a.s.r. Life

Grace to the ISAE framework Into Control developed in cooperation with our team our KPI’s became more transparent and managing our organisation became way easier.
Dirk Klok

Director Business Development, Lindorff


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