Risk management

Into Control is specialist in developing and implementing Risk Management frameworks.

Risk Management is a priority on the management calendar of practically all midsized and corporate organisations. Supervisory bodies within Financial Serivces prioritised Risk Management and they direct their supervision mostly towards cultural, behavioural and control monitoring.

Count on us with regard to

  • Mapping control environment, context and relevant risk domains
  • Performing risk analyses
  • Defining control goals and measures
  • Implementation of control measures
  • Implementation of First Line Monitoring
  • Supporting second line control testing
  • Performing risk updates as a result of changing markets, rules and regulations

Why select Into Control?

Transparency in advance

At the beginning of each project Into Control maps the situation and gives transparency on actions and resources needed. So that you know in advance what to expect with regard to results and cost.

Result responsibility

Grace to our extensive track record and best practices database we know where we can be of added value for your organisation. When desired so, we take result and budget responsibility for our project or work based on fixed price.

Proven high quality standards

We do have a sublime track record thanks to our recruitment, our way of working and our high level Quality Assurance. Into Control developed its own Academy with well known lectors to support our clients.

First Line Monitoring

Performing risk assessments and developing control frameworks is a good start, but not sufficient for a proven in control statement. “An organisation is in control the moment it can prove so”. This means permanent monitoring. We developed the perfect tools for efficient and effective monitoring that enable you to offer your clients and shareholders the necessary security.

Maintenance and ongoing progress

We pursue long term client relationships We establish excellent results, but we also align our Risk Frameworks to changing circumstances in your organisation. We support your organisation in times of resource or change need, so your can maintain your risk management maturity level.

Proven methodology

Our proven monitoring methodoly provides a great tool to attain first line assurance and gives good comfort for In Control Statements as well as for ERM managerial and supervisory reports.

Result driven approach

Our result driven approach grants your organisaton low implementation cost and major efficiency gain. Have Risk Management increase the added value of your organisation and consequently achieve a competitive gain.

How mature is your Risk Management framework?

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Is Risk Management helpful for you?

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You get a projectplan that specifies the necessary steps before realising the set goals

Risk Management Optimisation

Are both your ERM framework and ISAE already operational? Is your internal control effective, but do you wonder whether it could be optimalised? A good moment for an update!

Into Control audits existing frameworks and advises on optimalisation, cost reduction, greater efficiency and greater effectiveness.

Well organised internal control frameworks lower not only operational cost, but also external auditors’ fees. A balanced business case.


Do you want to save money on or raise your maturity level in Risk Management, Internal Control and Compliance?

Ask for an Into Control Goverance Audit and you get the best.

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Risk Appetite

Risk Appetite is an important part of structural performance management and fundamental for each organisations’ strategic decisions. Risk Appetite is broader than Risk Management and mostly non-specific. Identifying risks and determining whether the organisation sufficiently controls these risks depends on the organisations Risk Appetite.

We support organisations to specify and standardise their risk appetite. Based on this, choices can be made with regard to starting and monitoring stategic change.

First Line Monitoring

We do have a lot of experience with establishing ERM for both corporate and midsize organisations. risk matrix and control measures is not sufficient. An organisation has to determine itself whether it is ‘In Control’. Control Monitoring is key.

Risk Management Tooling

A part of the Risk Management activities are recurring. Risk Management software offers benefits to organizations upward of 50 employees. Into Contol has experience with all leading tools and is more than happy to advise you.


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    Practical experience

    What our clients say about Into Control

    Although there was some scepticism in the beginning, the ISAE framework is now broadly supported within the department and as a result we have proven to be ‘in control’.

    Richard de Groot

    Director, Assert Management ABN AMRO

    In a short period of time Into Control enabled us to reduce the number of controls in our risk control framework with 75% and raise our effectiveness consequently.

    Philippe Wits

    CEO, a.s.r. Leven

    Grace to the ISAE framework Into Control developed in cooperation with our team our KPI’s became more transparent and managing our organisation became way easier.

    Dirk Klok

    Director Business Development, Lindorff


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